my fist time in a Wheel of Fortune

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This day I consider was the most entertaining day that I had on school trips.

before starting  Before I start telling you about my experience in the Wheel of Fortune, I want to tell you about the day we had before arriving to this last place.

well this day we started the day we started from very early, we got up at 6 am to be able to get ready and go down to breakfast with our others to the hotel restaurant , after that we get into the bus to go to africam safari , in this place we saw to many types of animals like elephants , giraffes , flamingos and tigers. but the difference between a zoo and this place was that  they were not in cages and could walk around with the other animals.

we have a verry good experience in this place, the only "problem" in the end  was that we had a percanse with another bus, we HIT  with another bus, In spite of that we did not have a great time.

like at 6:00 pm we get to a place type lookout to take pictures and see all puebla but in the night, after that we get into the Wheel of Fortune the fist time that see it I said no crazy I get on that it was bigger that I think can be , I am scared of heights so that was a problem ,I thought about staying down waiting for everyone to get on,but my friends told me not to be afraid and to get on them that nothing would happen so I got on.

when we are upstairs I felt a little nervous about the height but after a while I relaxed and enjoyed the view with my friends who thanks to them I did not have a panic attack !!

When the trip finally ended I was very relieved by the experience we had, and even a picture of the memory we took, this has been one of the most frightening, interesting and beautiful moments I've had and I enjoyed having it with my crumbs ( sofia, jazz, laura and galilea).